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Client: Freeview

Client Contract & Design: True

Lead Development: Flaxpod

Front-end & PDF Development: Reid Design

Reid Design were contracted by Flaxpod develop the most-part of this Freeview Christmas Campaign micro-site. An online card maker, an interactive user experience in giving a custom-made card to a loved one.

Reid Design was tasked with and delivered a live-previewing editor, custom built with intelligent HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and @font-face web fonts.

We also developed the PDF creation, which took the output from the interactive form (including all the element positional and content data) and produced a vector based, high-res, CMYK, print-ready PDF, which was stored in a downloadable directory, making it possible for the mailing house to batch into 1000 unit print runs and mail directly to the recipient!

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