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Hobbit Me Facebook App

Client: New Zealand Natural

Client Contract & Design: True

Lead Development: Flaxpod

Front-end & Image Development: Reid Design

Reid Design were contracted by Flaxpod develop the most-part of this New Zealand Natural Campaign Facebook Application. A competition with a twist, to enter the user must upload an image of themselves, and then choose, add and position Hobbit feet on the image, an interactive user experience with a some smart code to run it.

Reid Design was tasked with and delivered the live-previewing editor, custom built with intelligent HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

We also developed the image generation (size, position & layering of transparent hobbit feet) on to the entrants uploaded image. So we took the output from the interactive form (including all the element positional and content data) and produced an oversized image (for use as enlargement in the gallery area) and saved it to the entry for display in the gallery!

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