3mail - active electronic marketing


3mail is an easy to use and powerful active electronic marketing system.

Creating an Email Database
Promotion (Multi-channel) - This may be a DM campaign with supporting media, etc. The promotion will drive traffic to the webpage/mini-site for registration of details and permission to email.

Can be added to an existing website by creating graphics, code and forms to include.

Sign-up/Registration Form
Adds to the email database.

Welcome Email
This email will be the single most received, seen and read email.
And as the single most important part of the strategy, this must be exciting, inticing and invite an obvious call to action. Depending on the promotion campaign, it could be a staged four week delivery of 4 emails, promoting the 4 ways to get rich, or to a leaner meaner you, etc. This email must be thoroughly thought out and composed to achieve the greatest results, the tone, message and call to action must be as effective as possible.

Regular Ongoing Emails
These can build customer loyalty or introduce new marketing opportunities, or new promotional campaigns, etc.

Reporting & information available
At every level within the email process, full reporting and information about user interaction and tracking is readily available. This can be utilized to gauge the success of any particular activity, compare that against past activities, as well as providing an effective tool to model further future activity on.

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